The Three Not-So-Little Pigs

Smokey makes a deal

Set in various neighborhoods in the St. Louis area, “The Three Not-So-Little Pigs” shows the damaging effects of physical, verbal, and social bullying. The play encourages students to explore the importance of standing up for each other, learning to get along with one another, and being good friends. “The Three Not-So-Little Pigs” also celebrates the importance of education, positive environmental practices, and how hard work will eventually lead to favorable outcomes.

“The Three Not-So-Little Pigs” is designed to meet the Missouri Learning Standards of English Language Arts and Social Studies set by the Missouri Department of Education. Educator Curriculum Guides will be provided prior to the performances.

The program is appropriate for Grades 3-6 and will be performed by professional actors. The run time is 45 minutes in length. Each performance is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session which invites students to further explore the issues addressed in the stories.

School Rates: $7 per student

Contact: Linda Smith A Call to Conscience Inactive Theater for Social Change | 314-607-8919

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